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"It was a dark and stormy night" written by Snoopy - my idol and inspiration

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I'm a longtime fan of Snoopy, always enjoyed the Peanut strips by C. M. Schultz. The book where Snoopy writes "It was a dark and stormy night" got to me when I was a teen and dreamed of becoming a writer myself one day. Much like Snoopy, I never really got there. But who knows, maybe academic or scientific writing is the thing for me.


Anyway, I find this old (first published in 1965, I think) strip by Schultz most relevant as I plan and pack for my writing retreat.

Besides the obvious passport and credit card, what does one need on a writing retreat in the tropics? Flip-flops (check). Bikinis (check). Shades (check). Backpack (check). Camera (check). Flashlight (check). Pain killers (check). Zip packs of various sizes (for keeping electronics and documents dry).

Snoopy packed a type writer. I'll take along my laptop. Interestingly, I hadn't used the laptop for a while, and now I've been updating the OS and programs and running security checks for two entire days. I'm so glad I didn't leave that until the last minute! I've also downloaded a program for statistical analysis and a VPN app that'll allow me to connect to the library and other important online resources provided by my Uni - University of Helsinki. No books.

Phone (check). Tablet (check). Earphones (check). Adapter (check). USB powerpack (check). Chargers (check). It's starting look like my backpack will be filled with electronics and not much else.

Something's missing, I'm sure.

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